By Mahima’s Variety Of Scrunchies

By Mahima’s Variety Of Scrunchies

What’s new in By Mahima?

Scrunchies are the recent trendsetters! By Mahima has launched different materials and breathtaking colors. Contemplating the needs and benefits, we have brought in the best materials to make our scrunchies!

●      Chiffon:

Our brand-new Chiffon scrunchies are to fall in love with! Chiffon brings up the perfect volume dense of the hair, giving the hairstyle a much loveable look. Keeping hair protection in mind, our Chiffon material scrunchies are compact and lightweight. Say bye-bye to stress hair knots and headaches! Like any other materials, Chiffon scrunchies tend to give a natural look.

Choose the perfect radiant and match it with your outfits!


●      Cotton:

Who doesn’t like the idea of a healthy hairstyle routine? Everyone does, right? Mahima provides cotton material scrunchies. As we all know, cotton is one of the quickest absorbent fabrics, taking in all moisture inside, leaving the hair dry and neat. We have a variety of colors and unique patterns for our cotton scrunchie collection.

Have a healthy hairstyle routine!


●      Cotton Satin:

We may have heard of cotton and satin as well. Do you know ‘cotton satin’ is an amazing fabric too? We have launched a few cotton satin scrunchies, with alluring prints and colors. Cotton satin is a light fabric, giving a glossy and shiny look to your hair. Cotton Satin has a distinctive trait of expressing the prints as sharp as it can be!

Make your mane look amazing, with the best of best!


●      Organza:

Organza scrunchies are next-level materials that are glaring on your new hairstyles! Goodbye to the traditional hairstyles, kinks, friction, tension, and breakages! Make a contemporary approach with our enticing organza scrunchies!

Welcome your hair care routine with our organza ones!



●      Silk Satin:

Silk and satin scrunchies have totally different textures, whereas our silk satin variety of material scrunchies is supple and can adapt to your hair texture soon! Silk satin is highly durable, sustainable, and also biodegradable. Cool, right? These scrunchies tend to reflect light, giving a very good shiny appearance! We have the best sets of satin silk scrunchies that have unique patterns and styles.

What’s not to like in our silk satin scrunchies?


●      Satin:

Satin is way more beneficial than we could ever imagine. Both benefits and glossiness dominate! Satin says NO to hair stress, hair fall, and hair breakage. Be it party wear or a simple tank top and jeans, satin scrunchies are to go head over heels!

Try our shiny and glamorous satin scrunchies as your go-to hair accessory, and keep cherishing it!

Scrunchies are a must and the most exquisite hair accessories of the recent trend! Let’s get back to the scrunchy trend and stay awe-struck!

If you are curious about wearing the finest scrunchies, take a look at ScrunchiesByMahima and grab your favorites!

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