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White Floral Organza

White Floral Organza

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Size (Available in 3 sizes)
* Regular: 3 inch (diameter)
* Large: 5 inch (diameter)
* Extra Large: 7 inch (diameter)

Why scrunchie?

  • Elastic causes hair damage, while extra piece of fabric in scrunchie around elastic will protect your hair
  • They won't leave hair kinks
  • Reduces chances of headache
  • Adds unique fashion quotient to your outfit

Why Organza?

  • 🌻 Highly breathable, airy and durable
  • 💆‍♀️ Less abrasive to your hairs than elastic band
  • 👚  Show off your lavishness
  • 🌤  Provides warmth
  • 🐞  Hypo-allergic. relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction
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